Contaminated Land Specialists

CEnvP Contaminated land LogoMoreton Environmental Pty Ltd (Moreton Environmental) is a Brisbane-based Environmental Management consultancy specializing in the investigation and management of contaminated sites.

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The team at Moreton Environmental has industry leading expertise in the assessment and management of contaminated sites. Our Principal Scientist has over 20 years of combined experience across Australia, New Zealand and internationally. This enables us to provide innovative, pragmatic, timely and cost effective solutions to the management of contaminated sites.

The investigation of Contaminated Sites in Australia follows a staged iterative approach in accordance with the National Environmental Protection (Assessment of Site Contamination) Measure 2013.

Our specialist staff can assist clients with any matters related to contaminated sites. For example:

  • Site investigation of contamination on sensitive operational sites
  • Due Diligence assessments to identify potential liability which may arise due to soil and groundwater contamination
  • Desktop and detailed investigation/assessments for all land contamination activities
  • Remediation of former industrial and petroleum storage sites for residential development
  • Pre-development site investigation of brownfield sites for commercial and residential land use

Moreton Environmental offers full cradle-to grave management of contaminated sites from the initial stages of investigation to remediation and validation.