Moreton Environmental has experience and expertise in water quality monitoring through close associations with experts in the field of remote sensing, water quality planning, marine and freshwater environs science, and community liaison sectors. This gives us the ability to be innovative, pragmatic and cost effective in the monitoring and management of water quality.

The qualified team at Moreton Environmental has the experience to ensure the best environmental quality data is collected for a reasonable cost. We do this through the preparation of water quality plans, design strategies and “out of the box” cost effective monitoring solutions that capture meaningful continuous water quality data. From February 2020 we now have the technology to do this using remote Water Quality Sensors deployed on monitoring buoys in both fresh and marine smooth water environments.

Water Monitoring Buoys

We are pleased to announce the release in February 2020 of our new Water Quality Monitoring Stations. Details of the various configurations available are in the table below.

The monitoring buoy models, FMB450, SMB600 and SMB900, can be extended with four different configurations (see below) to meet specific monitoring requirements. A range of additions can be configured, including security cameras and equipment to collect data on weather, turbidity, flow and velocity.

All extended configurations include alert systems, with options for SMS or email notifications, triggered by any measured parameter. They have been specifically designed for ease of use with the highest standard of data integrity, using Campbell Scientific Loggers and YSI instrumentation.

The base fresh or marine monitoring buoys modules can be purchased and deployed by the buyer. This will include a base model with solar power, telemetry and, for the marine model only, MSQ approved markers and lights. 

Alternatively, we can custom design a water quality program for your project, providing quality-controlled data and taking care of all configuration details, deployment and maintenance. This can be done through a 1 or 2 year contract with a regular monthly payment plan.

For full details and design specifications, including a schedule of monthly costs, please email us today.


FMB450 Basic Fresh Water Monitoring Buoy including Solar Power and Telemetry
FMB450WQ EX03 Conductivity, Temperature, DO, Turbidity
FMB450WQ2 EX03 Conductivity, Temperature, DO, Turbidity, Chlorophyll
FMB450WQW EX03 Conductivity, Temperature, DO, Turbidity and Weather Station
FMB450WQ2W EX03 Conductivity, Temperature, DO, Turbidity, Chlorophyll and Weather Station


SMB600 Basic Marine Smooth Water Monitoring Buoy including Solar Power and Telemetry
SMB600WQ EX03 Conductivity, Temperature, DO and Turbidity
SMB600WQW EX03 Conductivity, Temperature, DO, Turbidity (3 probes)
SMB600WQWX EX03 Conductivity, Temperature, DO, Turbidity and Weather Station
SMB6000WQWX EX03 Conductivity, Temperature, DO, Turbidity, (3 probes) and Weather Station





Good science and a clear understanding of the clients goals and aspirations for any project or environmental setting is paramount in achieving the best and cost effective outcome for your project or facility.





A full 3D version of our Monitoring Buoy in a .pdf file (1.9Mb) can be viewed by clicking the button above. This will open in a new window containing controls to rotate the image as you like. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view this file.

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